My work helps non-government, government and academic research groups make science matter to those who need to know—including policy-makers, funders, the media and the public.

I write, research and offer communications advice to address climate change, conservation and other pressing issues in environmental science. I've been doing this work to transform complicated science into compelling stories for more than two decades.

I create research-based, lay-reader reports and other popularized science writing and provide help reviewing and distilling research, ghost-writing opinion pieces and articles, developing media materials, outreach planning and strategic communications. 


Biodiversity loss is one of the most pressing  and existential environmental issues of our time. Telling stories that highlight science helps bridge the gap between our increasingly urban  lives and the remote-but-essential world of the wild.


An inevitable consequence of change is a growing number of questions. Science-based narratives provide answers; they help build our understanding of our new, climate-altered world and of the lives we can expect to lead as these shifts gather momentum. 


The Arctic is a frontier of environmental and cultural change. Stories of the lives and landscapes in the Far North not only help us know how to respond, they offer a sobering and important preview of how to meet the accelerating changes increasingly felt in regions around the planet. 


Crisp, solid scientific writing makes science matter to those who need to know, including other researchers, research funders and editors at leading academic journals. Telling stories is at the heart of what makes science and discovery compelling. 

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