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Peter Christie's work has been widely recognized by reviewers (and readers) for its lively, engaging language and its compelling synthesis of the latest research.
"A model of how to make science appealing."

Unnatural Companions: Rethinking Our Love of Pets in an Age of Wildlife Extinction

"If you love pets, reading Peter Christie’s new book Unnatural Companions: Rethinking Our Love of Pets in an Age of Wildlife Extinction might be like taking the pill in The Matrix. It is a highly compelling and even page-turning read, but it’s not a comforting one. In it, Christie argues that the pet industry is a significant threat to wildlife conservation."

— TNC Cool Green Science

"Exceptionally well written and impressively informative, Unnatural Companions: Rethinking Our Love of Pets in an Age of Wildlife Extinction is a timely and unreservedly recommended addition." 

— Midwest Book Review


"A remarkable examination of our interactions with the pets we welcome in our homes."
— Literary Review of Canada


"The author dramatically highlights the problems associated with our pets as they relate to the natural world .... This book will make you think. It may also lead you to become part of the solution."
— Wildlife Activist


"Our cuddly cats and our slobbering retrievers give us much joy and affection. The challenge, and what Christie uncovers and articulates so well in Unnatural Companions, is that there are deep reasons as well as hidden costs to our pet addiction, including their ecological footprints—which most of us don't consider, but should."
— Pete Marra, Director of Georgetown Environmental Initiative, and author of Cat Wars


"Unnatural Companions not only identifies some of the major problems we face by climate change endangering wildlife, but also suggests real ideas for improvement. Pet owners could behave in ways that impact less on wildlife, and the pet industry could protect the species that would benefit from its protection. We who love our pets must be champions for all animals and champion the fight to stop extinction."
— Alan M. Beck, Professor and Director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond, Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine


"We are devastated when a beloved cat or dog dies, depriving us of a cherished companion. But cats and dogs, along with rats, are the most devastating animal species to biodiversity, while exotic pets—pythons in Florida, for example—massively harm natural ecosystems. Christie paints the complex picture of just how much our love of animals has unexpected and unfortunate consequences."
— Stuart L. Pimm, Doris Duke Professor of Conservation, Nicolas School of the Environment, Duke University

The Curse of Akkad: Climate Upheavals that Rocked Human History

“… this is a model of how to make science appealing.”

— Canadian Geographic, 10/08

“This highly interesting work will be sucked dry of its facts by information seekers ... [Christie] sculpts sentences with crystal clear writing.”

— Canadian Children’s Book News, 10/08

“This is the perfect ‘Hey, did you know’ book … More than ever, we really need such imaginative vision in classrooms …”

— Quill & Quire, Feature review by Sarah Ellis, 06/08

​“… exceptionally timely.”

— CM Magazine, 05/08


50 Climate Questions: A Blizzard of Blistering Facts

“History + meteorology = hilarity in this heavily illustrated, nicely designed jaunt through four billion years of Earth’s history.”

— School Library Journal, 09/09/14

“... a humorous, appealing, and informative look at climate change that can be enjoyed whether one is looking for a recreational read or for information for a school project.”

— CM Reviews, 04/12


“It’s loaded with … catchy pop-culture references, but its content is solid and its argument is vital.”

— Resource Links, 04/12

“By melting science and history together, author Peter Christie helps readers make sense of this important world issue …”

— PBG Lifestyle Magazine, 07/26/12


Animal Snoops: The Wondrous World of Wildlife Spies

“Cleverly written to entice young readers.”

— CM Magazine, 05/10


“Whales everywhere do it [spy], bonnet macaques … do it, even noctule bats … do it, but why they do it and how they do it, in a variety of fascinating ways, is the focus of this entertaining and informative book.”

— The Globe and Mail, 24/07/10

“... a great book for the little naturalist in your family.”

—, 08/31/10


Naturally Wild Musicians: The Wondrous World of Animal Song

“... solid scientific information with a light and lively touch ... a good example of substantial science writing with popular appeal.”

— Quill & Quire, 08/07


“... absolutely full of fun facts.”

— Resource Links, 02/08


Well-Schooled Fish and Feathered Bandits: The Wondrous Ways Animals Learn from Animals

“... the author brings the extensive research of scientists to a kid-friendly level with brief and clear accounts... Highly Recommended.”

— CM Magazine, 09/06


“... a light-hearted introduction to the topic, whetting the appetite of the curious young reader ... [the] breezy writing style and the tidbits of information will surely engage readers.”

— Canadian Children’s Book News, 10/06

“... an engaging and informative non-fiction book sure to capture the imagination ...”

— Resource Links, 12/06

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